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Southwest TAB & Commissioning performs Fundamental and Enhanced Commissioning per NEBB standards and LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) requirements. We have NEBB certified commissioning agents on staff with the experience necessary to take a project from the Owner's Project Requirements (OPR) to the Acceptance Phase and beyond. We believe that through effective project management the owner will receive the best possible product that will function as intended.


Commissioning is the professional practice that ensures buildings are delivered according to the Owner's Project Requirements (OPR). Buildings that are properly commissioned typically have fewer change orders, tend to be more energy efficient, and have lower operation and maintenance cost. The documentation of the commissioning process provides the foundation for correctly benchmarking the baseline energy consumption of the facility.

Southwest TAB and Commissioning has certified professionals ready to work with your team to meet the demanding requirements of today’s complex mechanical systems.

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Government Projects:
Because of the stringent specifications government projects are held to, an experienced and knowledgeable TAB company is needed to help expedite the process, saving you time and money.
SWTCx has 20 years of experience working on government and military projects. We have completed TAB and/or Commissioning projects on all of the major military facilities in our area, as well as many non-military projects with Federal and Department Of Justice specifications.
Whether it’s Test and Balance or Commissioning SWTCx can help you navigate the complex government specifications to more quickly reach a fully functional system.