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HVAC System Survey

Southwest TAB & Commissioning can help you see how your current HVAC system is performing and identify problem areas.

General Survey

Building Pressure Issues  +/-

What is the Problem?

Is your system under performing, do you have hot and / or cold spots, high energy consumption, duct "sweating" etc.

Many building today were built originally with another purpose in mind. Just because the interior configuration has changed doesn't mean the existing HVAC system is adequate.

Existing Buildings – “Rebalance”
Our TAB service for existing facilities is focused on making sure your HVAC system is operating property and providing the desired levels of comfort and energy efficiency.

Some common reasons for rebalancing existing facilities:

• It has been over 5 years since the facility was balanced or rebalanced
• Drafts at major entrances or exits
• Doors are hard to open due to excessive negative pressure
• Doors are being “held” or “pushed” open by excessive positive pressure
• Hot and cold spots, stuffy or stale air in the facility
• Condensation on ceiling diffusers
• Slippery floors due to high humidity
• Old HVAC units are being replaced with new units
• Remodeling of facilities which could affect air distribution and comfort (i.e. relocating outlets or inlets, etc.)
• There are specific issues with comfort and/or energy efficiency
• Kitchen facilities are being added, upgraded or have not been recently checked
• Indoor air quality testing is part of your maintenance program
• Positive or negative pressurization areas (i.e. hospitals, isolation rooms, etc.)
• Local, State, or Federal Code requirements

Our technicians will inspect the general condition of equipment and installation and test for proper operation of your HVAC systems.

Typical findings include fans running backwards, fan belts slipping, closed outside air dampers, missing duct dampers, dirty filters and coils, clogged condensate drains, units with low refrigerant charges, improperly programed thermostats, and kinked or disconnected flex duct etc. We will make as many corrections as possible and provide a detailed report with any additional corrections that might need to be made by your preventive maintenance contractor. The building will be balanced to ensure proper fresh air quantities and pressurization according to design.

SWTCx offers a full spectrum of service, from a simple consult visit to a full Air and Hydronic rebalance. Please give a call to see how we can help.